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 "Verslo investicijos personalui" specializes in the search, assessment and recruitment of executives, managers and specialists.
Personnel search and selection:
  • Database Search: Candidates can be selected from a database where information about promising executives, managers and specialists from a wide spectrum of different industries is stored, constantly revised and expanded. Searching the database is a fast and efficient search method, but is unlikely to provide a wide range of candidates to choose from because of the nature of this search method.
  • Advertising: We can place a job advertisement in appropriate, tried and tested media. This is a widely used and reliable personnel search and selection method. 
  • Headhunting: Drawing from the considerable experience of VIP consultants and utilizing their extensive contacts at the most senior level in key industries, we may offer direct search (headhunting) to find and engage those high caliber executives, managers or specialists, not actively involved in the recruitment process at that time.
 VIP Procedures For Personnel Search and Selection Projects:
    1. Assignment brief. Understanding the client company’s needs and designing a position profile: job description, identification of essential competences required for successful performance and selection criteria.
    2. Personnel search (database, job advertisement or headhunting).
    3. Assessment of candidates (candidates’ experience and job related competences are evaluated during structured interviews and assessed using a specific set of psychological tests and / or simulation tasks). 
    4. Presenting a shortlist of the most suitable candidates together with their psychological profiles to the client. 
    5. Arranging interviews with candidates on behalf of clients. During this stage the client has an opportunity to make preliminary selection and final recruitment decisions.
Personnel Assessment – (Within Each Company)
  • Assessment of employees or external candidates for specific personnel search projects.
  • We may assess a company’s employees’ potential and development needs and consult on their career planning and training requirements.
  • Personnel audit services to facilitate significant company-wide reorganization.
Consultancy for senior executives - advising on human resource management issues.
We may advise on team building, psychological climate, acknowledgement and improvement of an individual’s leadership style, changes within the company or departmental structures, responsibility assignment and related skill assessments.
Career counseling for individuals.
We may help to evaluate an individual’s strengths, development needs and competitive abilities in the labor market. By request we can offer psychological assessment and compare results with the data obtained from more than 5000 Lithuanian executives and specialist assessment cases.
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