The particular method of assessment is chosen by evaluating each company’s individual recruitment requirements. This may include:
Structured or semi-structured interviews:
Professionally trained consultant interview with candidate or employee as an integral and essential part of assessment. During the interview an individual candidates experience, qualification, attitudes and communication skills will be assessed. All candidate data is supplemented by tests and simulation task results. This allows us to be objective in our judgment and removes the possibility of decisions arrived at from an intuitive perception of the candidate. 
General ability tests
Personality tests
Projective methods
Psychological testing is employed when it is important to measure a candidate’s personality and / or intellectual potential.  Test results allow us to make assumptions about an individual’s intelligence, problem solving skills and learning abilities. It also enables us to determine whether an individual’s personality traits will match the job requirements and competences needed.
Simulation tasks
Tasks or exercises that simulate real work situations provide an opportunity to evaluate a candidate’s specific work related knowledge, skills and competences as well as some personality traits. 
360 degree assessment
This method is designed to assess different managerial competences and identify specific development needs. It allows us to compare information gained from several sources so that an employee’s competences are evaluated by his colleagues, superiors/ managers, subordinates and experts as well as by himself. This is one of the most objective assessment tools currently used in organizations for employee performance assessment as well as in search and selection projects.  
Assessment centre
When it is necessary to make a comprehensive and in-depth evaluation of candidates an ‘assessment centre’ method is recommended. This method provides information about an individual’s competences in performing certain tasks individually as well as in a group and is carried out by the resident team of experts. 
Interview material, tests and task performance results are summarized in employee’s profile or each candidate’s psychological profile which is presented to our client in written form. Candidates are provided with an opportunity to get feedback on their assessment results and discuss career planning issues.
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